Why “it can’t be done” is our motivation to find a way.

With over 10 years in the merchant processing industry, Ann Deck traveled the country educating business owners on their finances, credit card processing and changing technology demands. She recognized that not only did business owners struggle with understanding the complicated credit card processing world, but many of them were struggling to keep up with technology and she knew there were many newer solutions that could help their business thrive in ways they hadn’t imagined. That’s when, in 2013, Ann Deck Solutions LLC was born.

Ann’s motivation to find the solution even when the challenge seems impossible to overcome, stems back to when she was a child, a straight A student at 8 years old. Suddenly her world changed when she was hit by a car. She now had to work extra hard to overcome the obstacles put in her way and to prove that she could get back to where she was – or be even better – even when people didn’t believe it. It fed her desire to learn and fully understand everything, which has turned into a huge asset in her business today.

Ann has built a vast network of relationships in businesses and organizations which allows her to tap into those resources and pair up the right partners at the right time. She has a way of problem solving from a unique perspective to create end-to-end complex solutions by connecting the right people and technologies to make it happen.

So if someone has told you “It can’t be done”, this is motivation for Ann and her team to partner with you and prove that it can. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.